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Distinctive products for a choice of spectral sensitivity
and speed. Maximum image quality and consistency for general purpose radiology.

  • Maximum image quality and consistency for general purpose radiology
  • Provides consistent performance in a variety of processing conditions
  • Compatible with existing equipment, cassettes and intensifying screens
  • Requires little or no technique change
  • Maximum information with low patient dose
  • Cost-effective way to capture, display and store high-quality images

Designed specifically for private practices and clinics
  • RADIOMAT TM G-Plus - Full Speed Orthochromatic Film
  • RADIOMAT TM SG - Full Speed Orthochromatic Film
  • RADIOMAT TM GL - Full Speed Orthochromatic Latitude Film
  • RADIOMAT TM B-Plus - Full Speed Blue Film
  • RADIOMAT TM M-Plus - Half Speed Blue Film
  • RADIOMAT TM Duplicating Film

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RADIOMAT G-Plus X-Ray Film
General X-Ray film designed for use with green
emitting intensifying screens, with high contrast in
low densities to provide sharp and detailed images.

Green-sensitive universal X-ray film
Radiomat G-Plus is a general X-ray film designed for use with green emitting intensifying screens. The system speed of this film has been adapted for specific applications, according to the international guidelines. The toe of the sensitometric curve has a form which provides a high contrast in the low densities of the image. This permits the use of Radiomat G-Plus film in applications such as angiography, where it gives sharp and detailed images of even the smallest blood vessels as well as of bone structures.

Multitude of applications
Even small differences in absorption between soft tissue and air become visible by the varying density levels, thanks to the high contrast which is also enhanced by the form of the shoulder of the sensitometric curve.

The typical form of the sensitometric curve makes Radiomat G-Plus film ideal for the imaging of bone structures, allowing even the detection of hairline fractures. The film is also suitable for orthopedics where it will give the fine details of bone structures, yet keeping the soft tissue visible. The film also offers good contrast in the main lung area, with good detail being obtained in the middle density areas. Summarizing, the Radiomat G-Plus film can be considered as a universal film, allowing the user to read necessary information quickly, thanks to its high contrast, its low fog and low noise level.

RADIOMAT G-Plus Brochure
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FUJI Film Types:

Green (Fuji Super HR-U) X-Ray Film
Super HR-U is a high contrast green sensitive x-ray film for use with green-emitting rare earth screens. The New all-around x-ray film for general applications.

Green (Fuji Super HR-S) X-Ray Film
Super HR-S is a medium contrast x-ray film for use with green-emitting rare earth screens. It is especially designed for easy-to-read details of the particular diagnosis such as the gastrointestinal region and the chest field.

Blue (Fuji Super RX) X-Ray Film
Super RX is a high contrast x-ray film for use with blue-emitting screens. It is well suited for general radiography and provides enhanced contrast and excellent radiographic detail.

Half-Speed Blue (Fuji RX-U) X-Ray Film
RX-U is a half-speed, high contrast ultra-fine grain x-ray film. It has been designed for use with blue-emitting screens and is ideal for situations that require very low noise and blue-tinted radiographic image quality.

Duplicating (Fuji MI-DUP) X-Ray Film
MI-DUP duplicating x-ray film provides radiographs that are almost indistinguishable from the originals. This x-ray film has excellent clarity and contrast scale, providing maximum diagnostic value. MI-DUP x-ray film is coated with a blue polyester base.

Key benefits of Fugi X-Ray Film include:
  • High quality diagnostic radiographs
  • High processing capacity
  • High resolution
  • Consistent image quality
  • Easy film handling
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