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Christy Jenkins
We have had them for years
and are so happy with all of the services! We recently moved and they helped us with all the install, designing the room layout, and followed up with us multiple times after just to make sure we had no issues. We wouldn't go anywhere else for our x-ray needs!


Stevie Nussbaum
Jones X-Ray is amazing!!
They were able to help us coordinate a move in less than 3 weeks. Chuck and Gabe are very courteous and efficient. I would definitely recommend everyone use them for moving or installing new or used equipment. Very professional from start to finish.


tell-a-friend-l Jones X-ray did an absolute knockout job at my clinic.
I had a nightmare of a job for them and every company locally refused to take it. Jones not only took the job, they drove 3 hours to install equipment they had never even seen before. On arrival, I had the x-ray unit laid out all across the floor in shambles. I said, "OK have fun!". They not only assembled, PAINTED old pieces, and tested everything, but they did it in record timing. The entire process from designing the dark room, and designing the x-ray room, to going over all of the state requirements and legalities was 100% professional and top notch. There is no other company in the country that has the experience, expertise, and most of all, the customer service that these guys do. A life time customer here, and I will forever refer my colleagues to them.

Jimmy Allgood D.C.
Allgood Chiropractic

Allgood Chiropractic
Austin Texas

tell-a-friend-lErica Alperin 2 hours ago
I've used Jones X-Ray for all our locations and they are by far the best! Amazing customer service and products!


tell-a-friend-l Jennifer Beck
Jones X-Ray is our go to X-Ray company for service and sales. They have provided us with same day service on numerous occasions. Everyone is very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Jones X-Ray!!


tell-a-friend-l photo.jpg Cyrus Laali 2 days ago
I've been using Jones X-ray for my servicing and supply needs for many years, including a move (which included moving an entire system) to another location. Great service!


tell-a-friend-l photo.jpgAvery Koenig 2/2019
A big THANK YOU to Jones X-ray! I bought my first x-ray system back in 1997 from Jones X-Ray. Over the years, they have taken care of our system for more than thirty years. We just changed to our new DR system purchased from Jones X-Ray. They have been professional and trustworthy. I know that when I hear from any of the crew , they will give me an honest answer.


tell-a-friend-l photo.jpg Nicole Carr 1/2019
I have worked with Jones X-ray over the course of several years, and in 3 different offices. My first experiences with them were through facilities that I didn't own, but they were always such a great company to work with for our x-ray systems. So, it only made sense to call on them when the time came to open my own practice. They worked diligently with me before and through the buildout of my office space to ensure that the xray specifications were correct, that the room would get maximum use for the space, and promoted ease of use for my machine. They have always been very knowledgeable and trustworthy, and they take their time to ensure the job is done right.


tell-a-friend-l To - The JXR Team,
Thanks for all your help throughout the process - your direction has been hugely appreciated! Working with the team at Jones X-ray on the installation of our new x-ray suite was fantastic. From my initial phone call querying the options available to us, through to the installation itself, Jones X-ray was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. The guys even worked on my install over the weekend from Friday to Sunday to get the job finished in a timely manner AND we're delighted with the finished product! I Would recommend Jones X-Ray to anyone for help with their imaging needs.

Dr. Andrew Newell, D.C.
➡️ Full Life Chiropractic
Austin, Texas

tell-a-friend-l To - Jim Jones and the JXR Team,
I could not be happier with the entire experience I had with Jones X ray. Jim really listened to my needs and gave me the perfect recommendation for my office. The crew was also very knowledgeable and able to help meet the needs of my office. The installation itself is so clean, the wires are tucked away and organized neatly and the cables are covered and out of sight. I would use Jones X-ray again in a heart beat and will definitely be recommending them to other clinics.

Colm Chiropractic
Dr. Trevor Colm
Trevor Colm
➡️ Colm Chiropractic

tell-a-friend-l To - Chris Jones, Jones X-Ray
After researching digital systems, I had 3 different companies give me pricing. Jones X-Ray was competitive on price, but the driving force in choosing them was their reputation and longevity in business. From sales to service they were always very prompt and personal, and they were quick to respond either with text, email or a phone call. The delivery and installation was a pleasure. I'm pretty sure I hugged Gabe and Chris before they left. I love dealing with Christian, family run businesses! This was a great experience, and I look forward to a long relationship with these guys.
***Update*** I have now purchased four (4) systems from Jones!

Dr. Ryan Knight, D.C., C.C.S.P., A.C.R.B. (II)
➡️ KNIGHT Family Chiropractic

tell-a-friend-l To - Jim Jones,
We purchased x-ray equipment from Jones X-Ray in April 2015 for our freestanding ER in McKinney. Having worked with several vendors in the past, we were prepared for a few hurdles - which we never encountered! At our initial meeting, Jim Jones presented the options, surveyed the room and sent over a proposal. Equipment was ordered, delivered and installed in no time! The room looks and functions fantastic!

The Jones X-Ray crew was extremely professional - they were careful not to damage any of our floors / finishes & tactfully hid all cables. The crew even disposed of all pallets / boxes. After install support has been fantastic. Jones x-ray is local and just a phone call away unlike other vendors which tend to be difficult to reach. We intend to use Jones x-ray for all of our future projects and will wholeheartedly recommend them to others!

Sunil Mahbubani
Managing Partner
➡️ The ER at Craig Ranch

tell-a-friend-l To - Jim Jones,
I would like to thank you for the time and consideration that you gladly offered during the purchase of our x-ray equipment. Anytime that we needed you, you were easily contacted and resolved our concerns and questions in a very timely manner. The amazing thing being that even after the purchase nothing changed. You were there anytime we needed you and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Rick Needham BSNM
➡️ Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma
610 E. 24th Street • Tishomingo, Oklahoma

tell-a-friend-l To - Jones X-Ray - Reviewed JXR in the last week on Google Plus
Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent

We've always gotten excellent, friendly service and their staff seem very knowledgeable. Fair prices (literally half of what we've found some other places). They really try to work me into their schedule quickly when we have an emergency with our x-ray unit, without making us feel like a burden. I would highly recommend them.

Dr. Vince Baugher
➡️ The Spinal Decompression Center

tell-a-friend-l To - Jim Jones and the JXR Team,
Working with Jones X-ray has been wonderful. Jim and his team are always available to our staff.  We are thrilled with our DR system.  Our images are great and we have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company.

Clinic Coordinator
➡️ Texas Health Resources

tell-a-friend-l photo.jpg Kenneth Riddle a year ago
Jones X-Ray has been taking care of my X-Ray equipment for a long time and I'm nothing but happy. Professional people, great service and excellent equipment describe Jim Jones and his company! I will continue to use Jones X-Ray for years to come.


tell-a-friend-l photo.jpg Patrick Linne 3 months ago
I highly recommend Jones X-ray! They are Dallas based, but I actually own and operate Cutting Edge Chiropractic in College Station, Tx. Jim worked with me to find the best X-ray machine at an affordable price. Let me tell you it did not disappoint and is now delivering the best quality images I have seen from my clinical experience. They helped me get all set up and showed me how to get my machine registered and up to code. They drove down and installed the equipment and were absolutely great and teaching/training me on the new software. They are always there to help even after they have delivered the product. You will not go wrong with Jones X-rays. Fantastic experience!


tell-a-friend-l To - Jim Jones,
I can truthfully say that after eight months of using our Universal Anthem DR X-ray the unit has performed beyond our expectations. Installation was quick and easy, and we have not had a single problem since we started using the system. Early on, when we were adjusting to the new software, technical support was needed, and was found to be quick, accurate, informative, and effective. The questions our technicians had were resolved completely. Considering operation of the unit, our technicians have constantly been impressed by the ease in taking an image. The software is easy to understand and to use. In the last eight months, we have emailed images to three different board certified radiologists for interpretation, and I specifically asked them for their impressions as to the quality of the images, and they all felt that they were what were expected from a high end DR system.

When purchasing the equipment, I did review every brand of DR that was available to Veterinarian’s at the time. The Universal Anthem DR System had all the “bells and whistles” that all the other systems had, but at a price point that was a pleasant surprise. In reviewing the Universal system, it became apparent that they had been active in DR technology for a number of years in the human radiology field, and they were not just a new player on the field. As a result, Universal knew what they were doing when they produced the Anthem System for Veterinarians.

Please feel free to have anyone call me that may have an interest in purchasing the Universal Anthem DR, or have them call and come by the clinic for a demonstration by our technicians.

➡️ Campbell Village Veterinary Hospital
H. J. Krug, DVM

tell-a-friend-l To - Jim Jones,
The decision to purchase an affordable CR is a challenging one and the Radlink CR has proven to be an outstanding choice for our 7 day-a-week walk in clinic. The Radlink produces a fast, high quality image and the built in PACS option saves us valuable time and money. Jones X-Ray and Jim Jones have provided peerless support and education before, during and after the sale. We highly recommend the Radlink CR as well as the professionals at Jones X-Ray.

H. Shawn Miller, M.D.
Medical Director -
Premier Urgent Care

tell-a-friend-l To - Chris Jones,
Thank you for always being such a pleasure to work with. You are so detailed, energetic, excited, motivated, and dependable and I love working with people like you. You are a rare breed.

➡️ NorthStar Chiropractic
Dr. April Langham

tell-a-friend-l To - Chris Jones,

John was excellent. He was helpful, informative and a very positive representative for your company. If I was not already impressed with your company after we talked on Friday, John definetely impressed me as a knowledgeable person that positively reflected your company. John took the time to answer several questions and misguided information from prior companies was corrected. He let me make a few decisons that reinforced the respect he had that it is my office. I fell very comfortable trusting your company with my radiology needs. If John is a reflection of your typical employee, you are a very blessed businessman. I wish I had been with your company for all these years and look forward to a great relationship together. I am glad I made the switch.

➡️ Family Chiropractic Clinic
Hank K. Miller D.C.



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Why Choose Jones X-Ray?

"We are Large Enough To Serve You, and Small Enough To Know You"

We Set the Standard for Service in the D/FW area over 35 years ago and have been imitated by our “Competitors” ever since... Jones X-Ray provides superior x-ray service and products and we service all of the State of Texas, Oklahoma, and the Western portions of Arkansas and Louisiana. We are located “Smack Dab in the Middle” of the D/FW Metroplex for a fast response time.

We sell and service DR and CR Digital solutions from many brands. We are the leading Texas Sales & Service Company for the "Best Bang for the Buck X-Ray Equipment" available today, DEL MEDICAL.

DEL MEDICAL has been Serving the Medical community for over 85 years!
JONES X-RAY has been Serving DFW for over 35 years!

“Over A Century of Knowledge Working for You"

We made the right decision to sell the right X-Ray Equipment a long time ago. We are still servicing many of the systems we installed 25, even 30 years ago… Needless to say, we know what we are doing and our customers will tell you so… In sales, design, installation, and service after the sale, We can't be beat…

The goal of our sales team is to fit the customer with the best systems that are tailored to the specific practice and to establish a relationship for the long haul. We listen to your needs and desires, then make suggestions based on the information we have obtained to meet those needs and your budget. We wish to educate you in equipment selection. The more you know about the equipment function and how it compares in the industry, the more confident you are in your purchase decision with JXR. You are our greatest asset and we love making things work right – from the start. You will love it enough to tell your colleagues…

We service many brands of X-Ray Equipment Our digital service team has additional certifications and experience in Networking, Microsoft OS, DICOM, PACS ETC. Our service people are certified through the Texas Department of State Health Services to perform x-ray service and repair. We continuously train, learn then share experiences to advance the scope of our service team.

If you have an older x-ray unit that is in need of repair, and you are being told that parts are not available, let us know. We have service men that have worked for years on different pieces of equipment and we just might have that part and ability to fix your machine.

We offer preventative maintenance on all X-Ray Film Processors and Darkroom equipment from, Konica, Hope, AFP and many others…. Some of our competitors have QUIT cleaning and maintaining your processor, They have QUIT YOU and left you high and dry!! Jones X-Ray is still there for you… Our Service team is the Best there is.... Bar none. We are also un-matched in price, AND warranty our work for 10 days. If you have a problem with your processing system that is a result of our staffs’ mistake your next processor PM is on JXR!

Bottom line… Our equipment line's are of superior quality, and performance. Whether you are considering Conventional x-ray equipment, Digital CR, DR, Automatic Film Processing, or just need a few accessories, you will be pleased with the quality, and we will make sure that it functions the way it was designed to make your imaging department be the best that it can be.

We Only Exist Because of You... Our Customers. Thank you for the trust you have put in Jones X-Ray and the Opportunity to Serve You!

Jones X-Ray is Dedicated to Providing the Best Value in Medical Imaging Equipment in Texas!


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We Only Exist Because of You... Our Customers
Thank you for the trust you have put in Jones X-Ray and the Opportunity to Serve You!
~ Jones X-Ray, Inc. Est 1981 ~

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